Monday, December 10, 2007

Cute Cousins!!!!

Avery and Adison have the cutest little cousin Luke. He is 5 monthes old, making Adi 5 monthes older than him. They are pretty much the same size and have so much fun playing together. Give them a few more monthes and they just might be trouble, especially with Avery as the ring leader. Avery is such a big help with them. Anyways, my sister-in-law Kristen took these pictures. We both bought these oufits for Adi and Luke at different times, not knowing that the other had. (Thank you Childrens Place, my favorite store) So when we both showed up to grandmas house with matching kids, we had to take pictures. They are adorable. Thanks Kristen for letting my copy your blog page.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She's Here

For all of you who didn't know, my "little sister" Heather is expecting a baby, was expecting. She had her last night, November 27 at 7:20 p.m. I was going crazy all day worring about what was going on. I guess that is just the big sister in me. I don't think of Heather as being old enough to be a mom. She had a little girl, Grace Anne Fournier. She weighed 7 lb 4 oz and was 18 1/2 in. She is beautiful. I am so proud of her, she had a rough day after her epidural failed to work and her contractions were so hard she went from 0-9 in 30 min. After a few hours of pushing, she made her arrival. I can't wait to see her. Love you Heather and I am so proud of you. You will be a great mom, and expect you to train Gracie that I WILL be her favorite aunt.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Madilyn's Birthday Present From Avery

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun. My Uncle Greg and cousins Jess, Seth, and Mia were here from Michigan. We went up the Canyons to show them some scenery, had a yummy dinner, and I even made the pies which turned out very well. We even ventured out shopping on Friday. Not the best idea with a double stroller and a sick little girl. People were making me very angry. That night we went to SLC to see the Christmas lights. Avery cried the whole time for her bed so Tyler and I left with the 2 girls. The lights were pretty for the few min. that we saw them.
Then Saturday was the BIG game. BYU vs. UTAH. Tyler was there ofcourse. Avery was upset that she couldn't go. We explained to her that it was not a nice game to go to and that people get mean at this game. Anyways, BYU won. Go Cougars. (Thank goodness BYU won, Tyler will be in a good mood the rest of the year.)
Just a quick update on the girls. They have been sick, that time of the year I guess. Adison is on her 3rd ear infection for the month of November. She is on her 3rd medication and when they clear up, we have to decide weather to put tubes in her ears or put her on preventative medication for few months. Other than constant ear infections she is doing good. Very busy. She likes to tease her sister and when Avery reacts back Adi screams for help. She has been climbing steps for about 4 wks. now and knows how to turn herself around on her stomach to get off furniture. She is so fun, busy, but fun.
Avery is also doing great. She is sick right not too. We have been healthy all year and now it is sickness after sickness with these girls. The day before Thanksgiving she got pink eye. We have no idea where she got that. Hopefully we are all healthy soon. She gets the whole Santa thing this year, even though she is scared of him she knows he brings surprises. Every commercial she sees her comment is "I want that" of "I NEED that". I just tell her, maybe we should ask Santa. She will be so fun on Christmas morning.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone. I thought I should get these posted since Thanksgiving is only 5 days away. We had a fun Halloween, if you couldn't tell, Avery was a witch and Adison was her black cat. We went trick-or-treating, and everytime we tried to go home, Avery said just a few more houses please. It was not too cold outside, so it was nice. She got way too much candy, and it is now hiding in the cupboard. By the way, she was a nice witch, not a scary witch.

Pumpkin Carving!

We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween with Grandma Kaiser, Danielle, and Cassidy. It was so much fun. Avery wanted nothing to do with touching the inside of the pumpkins. She gave us a very firm NO everytime we asked for her help. Tyler did such a good job carving his pumpkin into a baby with a binky in its mouth, it was Adis pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch!

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect. They took us on a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch, Avery loved the ride and Adison screamed the whole time. Avery picked out the funniest, oddest shaped pumpkin, I wish I had a picture of it. It was hers and we loved it. After we picked out our pumpkins, we walked through the cutest little store where Avery got icecream and Tyler and I got the yummiest apple cider donuts. We love this time of year.

My Healthy Teeth!

Avery had her check-up a few weeks ago, and she has very healthy teeth. She did such a good job. Thank goodness these kids are spoiled now and have T.V.s to watch as they get their teeth cleaned. She was so brave. They didn't get any X-rays done, they tried and tried, no luck. He did tell us to start saving for braces though, her teeth are alittle close together. Great Job Ave.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our trip to the Aquarium

We had so much fun taking the girls to Salt Lake to the Aquarium. It was just big enough. Avery loved it. We got to pet a sting ray, it was so different than I thought it would be, it was gross. After we walked through the aquarium, we went to the Mayan resturant. So fun. Avery was a little worried at first, it is very dark, and they dive off of big water falls. After that we RUSHED home to watch BYU play!

Happy Birthday Avery Lynne!!

Avery turned 3 yrs old on October 4. I can't believe that my baby is so big. She had so much fun at her birthday party. I even made her a Dora cake. She had so much fun opening all of her presents, it will be fun for her to use her Dora suitcase when we go to Michigan in a few weeks. She is the smartest little girl. She counts to 28 in english, 10 in spanish, knows all of her colors and shapes, and can spell her name. She makes us so proud everyday. Her favorite things are gymnastics, colored goldfish crackers, suckers, BYU football, caillou,Dora, and all of her Disney movies. She is so precious to us, and is such a good Big sister. We love you AVE!!!

GOOOOOOOOOO Cougars!!!!!!!

Avery is a HUGE BYU fan, and her dad loves it. She watches every football game with him. He was so excited to take her to the BYU vs. Airforce game, he even got her her very own BYU jersey. They had so much fun. Since it was the Airforce game, the jets flew over before the game, very very close, as she says. As you can tell in the picture, she didn't know weather to laugh or cry. Don't tell her dad, but I think her favorite part was the hotdog.

I am so PROUD of him!!!!

So, not only do I have the best, cutest, hottest husband, (yes the list could go on and on), but he is so so smart to. He went back to school this semester and is pursuing social work. He has an online sociology class, which he has done really well at. He has had 2 BIG assignments that account for about 1/2 of his grade if not more. His first assignment he recieved a perfect score, and we were so excited. Well, he just got his grade for his second assignment and ANOTHER PERFECT SCORE! I am so so proud of him, I hope he knows that. He will probably get mad at me for posting this, but I had to, I am just so proud. (Have I said that too much). One more time won't hurt, I am so Proud of you honey.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

She Just says the FUNNIEST things!!!!!!!!

Sorry, no new pictures, but I do have to write down a few comments made by Avery that have just made me laugh.

This morning I was getting ready for work, and she heard me and called me into her room. With the biggest smile on her face she said "Mommy, next week I am going to decorate our Christmas Tree for Halloween, I am so excited." It was so precious. I just smiled and said that will be so fun.

Last Saturday we were shopping together when it started snowing, from the back seat I hear "Oh it is snowing, I am so excited. Snow I am so proud of you for coming."

Last but not least, her favorite song is "Right Now" by Carrie Underwood. Who knows if that is the right title? Anyways, she know it word for word, which just makes me laugh, but the words are not that nice. Her favorite part of the song goes like this, "Right now shes probably slow dancing with a beach blond tramp and he's thinking that he's gonna get lucky". Well her versions goes like this, "Right now he's probably slow dancing with a BEACH BROWN TRAMP and he's gonna get lucky." It's so cute, we can't help but laugh, but she says TRAMP too well. I don't like that.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Here are a few more pictures of the girls. I was a little rushed last night. This obviously is not as important as "Fantasy Football". We were competing for the computer. (Love you HONEY, hope your fantasy team won.) There will be some more fun pictures coming, so watch, PATIENTLY!!! We have been doing some fun things, BYU football games, trips to the Aquarium, a good dinner at the Mayan resturant, and today a trip to the dentist. She did so good, surprisingly after 2 days of "They will not touch my teeth".
One more cute comment made by Miss Avery herself. "Mom can I take my baby into the store?" I nicely said "No", and her reply back was, "Well you take your baby into the store, you know, Adi." How could I tell her no after that, she was right.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We just love this time of year. All the fun colors. We love going up the Canyons to see all of the pretty trees and colors. Here are some of our pictures. Avery and Adison are getting so BIG. Growing too fast. Avery just turned 3 last week. She is potty trained, can count to 28 in english and 10 in spanish, she knows all of her shapes and colors. She is constantly making us laugh with all of the things she says to us. We usually hear " I am the Boss" 10 times or more a day. She is quickly remined who really is the "BOSS". As for Adison, she is 8 1/2 monthes now and is crawling, saying "MOM, DAD, and HI". She plays Patty cake and waves Hi to everyone. She is now trying to climb up the steps now.
Tyler and I are doing good. Tyler is in school this semester and I am so excited for that, probably more excited than him. We are looking foward to family coming to visit for Thanksgiving and our trip to Michigan for Christmas. Dec. 18- Jan.5.


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