Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hats, Hats and more Hats

Adi found Aunt Cassidys hats. My little sister Cassidy loves hats, and my girls love to wear her hats. We had to take pictures of them looking so cute. Danielle even had to get in on the action, and ofcourse had to "POSE" for the camera. I must not be cool enough for a hat. Am I getting too old? I tried one on and looked like a train conductor, and my little sister said "Well your not wearing it right." My mistake, I didn't know it was supposed to be worn side ways. Oh to be 9 again, right Cass.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a very very fun Christmas. The girls really understood this year which made it so much fun. (Pictures to come.) We had a fun Christmas Eve party at Tylers aunt and uncles house. The the fun began. We got home with just enough time for us to read a Christmas story, put the OATS out for the reindeer and leave Santa milk and cookies. Tyler tried to tell Avery that Santa would LOVE cinnamon rolls this year, but she put her foot down and told her daddy that Santa has to have milk and cookies. After the girls were fast asleep, our 3 hours of wrapping began. Wait, did I say OUR 3 hours, I meant MY 3 hours of wrapping began. Avery was up at 4:00 a.m. and I quickly put her back to bed. We finally got up at 6:30 a.m. to open presents. They were so excited. (By the way, Tyler set his alarm for 6:30 a.m. because he loves to be up when it is still dark, crazy I know.) We have 2 very spoiled girls. They got so much. By then end of the morning, we were making the girls open presents. We headed to see my mom and sisters and to set up their new Wii, then headed to Tylers parents to have yummy omlets. It was such a fun day, I hate to see it end. I had a hard time being away from my Michigan family for some reason this year. I had a wonderful day though spent with wonderful family.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cousins!!!

Did I copy your header Janille? Sorry if I did, I am not creative these days. Anyways, we were all in Ephraim over the weekend for the BIG fun Olson Christmas party. After the party, we took these cute pictures of the 5 kids in their matching Christmas dresses from Grandpa and Grandma Olson. Aren't they the cutest kids you have ever seen? And look at that cute litte boy? My favorite is the "FUNNY FACE" picture. Just look at little Adi. We had alot of fun with everybody. We just wish we were going to be with Mike and Janille on Christmas day also, and with my Michigan family. I love Christmas so much but it is so hard to be so far away from my family and the traditions I miss out on with them. It is fun though to carry some of them over with my little family and to start my own. We are excited for Christmas and are so grateful that we are able to teach our children the true meaning of the season.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why is Santa dressed different?

Merry Christmas everyone. We have had a fun few days. Yesterday, Avery had her school program. It was so cute. She sang all the songs so well. I was excited to see her sing because she informed us all morning that she was going to " WATCH ONLY". They sang a few songs from Halloween and Thanksgiving and then they sang all of their cute Christmas songs, including a fast version of Rudolph that had them playing the air guitar. Santa even made a surprise visit, and surprisingly, Adi sat on his lap. It was so fun. I had to get a cute picture of the girls in front of her PRESCHOOL CHRISTMAS TREE. Later that evening I took the girls to the mall to see Santa again and to mainly ride the train that goes around Santa. It was a very fun day. I will say I have already had to have the santa talk with Avery. She has seen so many different Santas over that past few weeks she is starting to get confused. Last night the question was, "Why is this Santa dressed different?" I explained to her that their are so many kids that Santa has special helpers that help him to see all of the kids. I don't think that answer satisfied her though. She has a good point. All Santas should dress the same. She has seen Santa at 2 different malls, school and church, all dressed different. Look at Adis cute scrunched up face in the Christmas tree picture. Almost every picture we take of her has her making this face. She says "CHHHHEEEEESSSSSEEEE", so loud and so big. So cute.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alright Adi, if you say so!!!!!!

Why do kids grow so fast? Adi turns 2 at the end of next month, it makes me pretty sad. Well, yesterday on her own, well she told Tyler and I, she went potty on the toilet. She was so proud of herself, all 3 times. She runs out of the bathroom yelling "I go Potty, I go Potty." Don't get me wrong, this is exciting that she has done this on her own, but I personally was not planning on potty training for atleast a few more months. I am just not ready for all of that quite yet.It is so cute though. I called my mom to ask her if they make size 12-18 month underwear. She looks so tiny sitting on the toilet. She only weighs 19 maybe 20 lbs. Anyways, Great Job Adi, mom and dad are so proud of you my big girl.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So my sweet Avery Lynne has been sick the past few days. She has been up and down as far as she has been feeling. If you don't like gross things, then stop reading, even though this is pretty funny. Avery has had such a stuffy nose. Sunday morning she woke up and I heard her walking down the hall. I then heard a sneeze followed by a little whine. I walked into the hall just in time to hear Avery say "Mom, my nose just exploded." Wow she was right. She sneezed all over the floor, her hands, pajamas, and her face. I felt so bad for her. It was so funny though, especially coming from the mouth of my little Avery.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ginger Bread houses

Tylers family has such a fun family tradition of building ginger bread houses each year. This year, Tylers uncle reserved a space at the church and the whole extended family got together to make them. It was so fun. The final count was 18 houses made. I love this tradition and I will definately carry it on with my kids. Such a fun night.


We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year. We had dinner at Tylers parents house. Everyone was there except Amy, including my step-mom and 2 sisters. We had such yummy food. The kids all had a great time playing. I had so much to be grateful for this year, as I always do. We were even crazy and woke up super early Friday morning to hit the sales. I got everything I went for. Now it's time to gear up for Christmas. I am so excited.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sneaky Elves!!!

We have two elves at our house, Elfy and Pepperment, but they call Pepperment "Pepper" for short. They are very nice Elves that watch Avery and Adi to see if they are naughty or nice. Sunday Avery would not get dressed for church, so I told her that Elfy was in the room watching her, she looked everywhere, but that sneaky elf was too fast and jumped out the window to give Santa his daily Avery report. It is a fun tradition we have started and it works very well.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree!!!

Last night we went and got our Christmas tree. Avery has been waiting for this day for weeks. It was so much fun, and we love our little tree. At 12:30 a.m., that's right, midnight, we finally had the tree up and decorated. We had 2 exhausted girls but, they were having too much fun, we couldn't put them to bed until it was done. We got doughnuts and hot chocolate,(which we didn't get to, so maybe tonight) and watched the Grinch while we decorated. We were having so much fun looking at our ornaments. We have a very random tree full of memories. Each year, for as long as I can remember, I have recieved and ornament from my mom and grandparents, and Tyler has also. The tradition has been passed onto my girls. So many fun memories. It was a wonderful night.
Sorry, I took the picture with my camera phone, kind of blurry.