Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tough Week

Where does the time go? My dad passed away 7 years ago today. I don't know if it gets any easier. I miss him so much. Some days it feels like he just passed away yesterday. I think about him everyday and what my kids are missing out on by not having him here. If that didn't make this day hard enough, my grandpa Mohr passed away last night. He was my step-grandpa, but I never thought of him like that. He was my grandpa and I will miss him very much. My grandma and grandpa Mohr usually visited once a year and they would drive their HUGE motor home to get here. (My sister Heather and cousins Jess and Al and I used to love that motor home when we were younger, that was our hide-out away from the adults.) Avery and Adi would get so excited to see the motor home, knowing they were here.
Last night Avery saw me crying and asked why I was sad. I explained that Grandpa Mohr had died and she started to cry and said "Will grandma Mohr be OK driving the motor home by herself?" She is so sweet.
We will miss our grandpa Mohr lots and I miss my dad so much, but are gratefull to know we will see them again and that they are together.
These are the times that I wish I still lived in Michigan. It is so hard for me to be so far from family at times like this.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Great Debate, (in our house anyways)

We stopped at a gas station today, and Tyler bought Sixlets. You know, the candy that is kind of like M&M's? Well, I made the mistake of saying M&M's are so much better. I could not even eat 5 Sixlets, they did not taste good at all. Well, we debated the whole way home on which candy was better. My sister Heathers comment when I asked her what she thought was "First of all, what the heck are sixlets?" My sister-in-law Kristen agreed M&M's are better too. (you know you do Kristen). Well, the dabate went on into the night. So what do you all think, M&M's or Sixlets?
(I know you are thinking that our home is pretty boring, if we debate over candies. It was pretty comical all night though as people agreed with me and not Tyler.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our FUN week

This past week, we have had lots of fun with Madi and Maleea, while their mom and dad were in Hawaii!! We did lots of fun things. Here are the pictures for proof. They are not in order but we had fun. We have had very tired worn out kids. Here is our list of fun, we just wish Kevin, Kristen, Luke, and Brady would have been able to join in the fun a little more.
-Art class at Roberts
-Oquirre Mountain Temple openhouse
-5K race and kid run
-Popsicles and Icecream cones
-Helping grandpa cut the grass and pick up apples
-Following grandma around
-visiting great grandma and grandpa Olson in Ephraim
-Visiting great grandma and grandpa Wride in Benjamin
We had lots of fun!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mark the Great benefit 5k walk/run

Today we participated in a 5k. It was a lot of fun. It was to benefit a family who recently lost their father/husband. Tylers family knew him very well. They also had kid races. Avery, Madi, and Maleea all participated. They all looked so cute and were very excited about the race. I was so proud of Avery. She took second place in her group. They all got medals when they finished, which they were all so proud of. Then during the acutal award ceremony, Avery was called up to get a ribbon. It was a great day and really neat to help a family, especially since I know all too well what it is like to lose a father.
Tylers Grandpa Wride was even out cheering us along as we passed his house.
In the kids race, Ave is the one in orange shirt and brown shorts.