Monday, March 30, 2009


What do you get when you put these two things together?

A Little girl with Pnemonia, AGAIN!!! and

A Cold snowy morning?????

My MONDAY!!! What a great way to start the week.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where are you???

My camera is gone. I have looked everywhere I can think. I have never been a very good picture taker and do not carry my camera everywhere I go. I depend on my sister-in-law Janille to capture the fun times when we all get together. Just kidding!! Who am I kidding, she is always taking great pictures. She even puts them on my blog for me. Anyways, back to the point. The past few days, I have really been watching my kids and all of the funny things they do and just how gorgeous they are. I really need to be taking more pictures. They are looking so old now, Avery just does not have that baby look anymore.I want them to have pictures to look back on, and I have decided cell phone pictures DO NOT count. So if anyone has seen my camera, please please please let me know. While we are at it, lets keep this a little secret, unless any of you out there would LOVE to tell my husband for me that our camera is really lost and not just misplaced in the house somewhere.(Keep your fingers crossed for me that it pops up somewhere SOON.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last night we stayed at Tylers parents due to our furnace giving out on us yesterday. (Thats a whole other frustrating post.) Anyways, I left for work this morning, and I had just missed Avery coming down the steps. Sharon was still there so she tucked Avery into her bed until Ty and Adi woke up. Well, this weekend Averys cousins Madi and Maleea are coming, and Avery can hardly stand the wait. As Sharon tucked Avery into bed, Avery said "Do Madi and Maleea come today?" and Sharon told her a few more days, and Avery said "I had pictures of them in my eyes last night!" (Which to me means she was dreaming). She loves and misses those two girls so much. (She misses all of her cousins when she is not with them.) I am so happy that Sharon called to tell me that. It made my day. I have such a sweet 4 year old.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My top ten!!!

My sister-in-law Janille tagged me. I have to make a list of my top ten things that start with "P".

1.Parenting (Oh I love my girls so much.)
2.Preschool (even though it is soooo boring so a specific someone.)
7.Planes (getting to Michigan would be HARD with out them)
8.Pretties (what we call the elastics that keep my girls hair out of their eyes.)
10.Picnics (Nothing better than laying on a blanket with my girlies watching the clouds and talking.)

It is harder than it looks. I tag Heather with the letter "G"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Time-out is a JOKE in our house. I have tried over and over, and have been pretty consistent with it, but I become more upset as they laugh at the thought of sitting in time-out. Is it FUN, really? Anyways, I resort to throwing toys away if they don't listen. Call me a mean mom all you want, but it is very effective, and behavior changes immediately. (The toys are really not thrown away, they are stashed in the storage room.) Anyways, the point of this post is, Adi has found the NEW and PREFECT time-out chair all on her own. In the below picture she is stuck in a stool. Her knees were really lodged in there. This is our new time-out chair. It works great, just ask Avery who thought it would be hilarious to try. She quickly found out it was not so funny.

For those of you out there who are prepared to call DCFS on me for being a mean mom, this is a JOKE. No I would not stick my child in a stool for time-out, unless she puts herself there.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's a little game!!!

First one to spot the road wins!!!! December or March? REALLY!!!!! Enough already!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it cracked?

"Someones going to get hurt!" Every mom out there says it 100 times a day. Atleast I do. The girls were goofing around as usual. I kept saying "Someones going to get hurt." Then the cries started. Because I am such a wonderful mom, I continued to fold laundry, not too sympathetic to the cries I was hearing. Avery finally makes her way over to me in a very dramatic way, with her pants pulled down to show me her bum. With a very worried face and an even more worried voice, she says "Is it cracked, mommy is my bum cracked? Mommy why are you lauging at me? Is my bum cracked?" I was laughing even harder at this point and all I could say was "Yes, your bum is cracked." She dropped to the floor crying uncontrolably, until I finally got her calmed down and explained that her bum was not cracked, just a litte red.
To night my point was proved, Someone did get hurt. Too bad it went in one ear and out the other. Tomorrow is a whole new day of talking to myself!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My little Picaso

So I need to brag about my beautiful little girl. Avery is such a handful, anyone who knows her, knows that she makes me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis. She is so sweet though. The other night as she was sitting in her room for her, Oh I don't know, 100th time out, she drew the below picture. I could no longer be mad when she came out of her room proud as can be, to show us her drawing. She had no help and nothing to look at. She did it all on her own. It is on a magnadoodle so it might be hard to see. It is the Easter bunny holding his basket of eggs with a new pair of shoes for her in the basket. (Is that a hint to the Easter Bunny, New shoes?)

Avery amazes us everyday. She is so smart, yes I am biased, but really she is so smart. She writes all day long, she is reading words she sees by sounding out the letters on her own. She can call Grandma and grandpa Olsons house, Grandma and Grandpa Olgacs house, aunt Heathers phone and mommy and daddys phones with no help. She can write mom,dad,Avery,Adison,Nicole,Tyler,Nap,and FART with no help. Yes Fart, gross I know, she asked how to spell it, and who am I to discourage her from spelling?

I just love my little Avery Lynne more than she will ever no. And I tell her that all day long, even if she has made me pull my hair out ALL DAY LONG!! I go to bed some nights so upset, I even cry myself to sleep some nights thinking "Why wasn't I more patient with her?" She is my best little friend, and this post is just for her, since alot of her day is spent looking at blogs, I want her to see this and know how proud I am of her and how much her mommy loves her.