Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why is he different?

Last night we took the girls to see SANTA, pictures to come. Avery did great and told him she wanted a Glo-doodle and Chef Barbie. I sure hope she gets this Chef-Barbie thing out of her head soon, Santa has other ideas. Adi wouldn't go near him and had to be held the moment we stepped out of the car. He was a good Santa, but apparently he was a smoking Santa. I didn't get close enough to notice that, but Ty and Avery sure noticed.
Anyways, last night I was trying to put Avery to sleep. After an hour she was still wide awake, and I was a very frustrated MOMMY!! As we laid there, she finally spit out the question that had kept her mind going and thus keeping her awake. "Mommy, why was that Santas beard not curly and white and long like the one I saw on Satruday?" She had been thinking and thinking about that the whole time she was laying in bed. I explained to her that Santa has helpers everywhere so they can see all of the kids, blah, blah, blah!!!! Obviously, not a good enough answer, because she said, "I understand that he has helpers, but shouldn't Santa make sure they all dress alike and have the same COLORED beard, so kids don't get confused." Explain that one. I told her go to sleep and we would talk about it in the morning. I am still thinking of the answer to that question, and she has forgotten for the moment.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally Fall

My girls have been waiting and waiting for this day to come. To play in the leaves. They finally got their day in DECEMBER. Things are a little different down here in sunny St. George. Last Friday, Avery and Adison got to play with their cousins Madi and Maleea all day. They were getting a little stir crazy in the house, so we headed to the park. Lucky for us, the leaves were falling like crazy. These 4 little girls worked so hard to build their pile as high as they could. They ran all over the park and would run back with arm fulls of leaves.They were very worried about their pile, because a "MEAN MOM" (as they called her, and I agreed) let her kids knock there pile over, so I stood gaurd over the pile so that no big kids would knock it down. There were some older kids working on their pile and they were so cute to help my girls make their pile bigger and bigger. They had such a fun time. Their little faces were just lit up the whole time. I had such a fun time watching the 4 of them. It was actually really cold, and Adi had had enough, so I pulled the car right up to the older girls and Adi and I watched them. We came home and had yummy hot chocolate. (I have to remind myself to buy a bag of marshmallows.) We are so lucky to have such fun cousins that live so close.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and LIGHT PARADE!!!

We had a fun Thanksgiving this year. We headed up to Spanish Fork on Thanksgiving morning. We got there just in time for a yummy dinner. We had Thanksgiving at Tylers parents and my step-mom and 2 sisters were there and so were Tylers brother Mike and his family. It was a fun day.
Friday night we took the girls to the Light Parade. The girls loved it. I was not feeling good so I headed home and Tyler went to the BYU basketball game. So luckily they had grandma Olson, Grandma Kaiser, aunt Danielle and aunt Cassidy there to have fun with them.(Grandma Kaiser didn't send pictures of herself, shame on you.) They had fun, but look at Adison, they were cold.
Saturday I got some shopping done, then headed to the INTENSE BYU vs. UTAH game. It was a lot of fun, and BYU ended the RIVALRY WAR this year by beating UTAH in overtime 26-23.
It was a great weekend, spent with great family. Now on to Christmas. We are so excited.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Target!!!

You used to be my favorite store. That is until today, when you completly annoyed me. It definately is the most WONDERFUL TIME of THE YEAR!!! I walked into Target, and it is so festive. Christmas stuff everywhere. I LOVE IT. They have the cutest Christmas dresses. Now I just have to decide what one to get my girls. Well, today I headed to Target real quick to get Adi some much needed black church shoes. They had the cutest ones last week when I was there. I headed to the shoe isle. Keep in mind it is only November, not even Thanksgiving. All fall and winter shoes were gone. All the shelves were full of sandles and white EASTER shoes. I was so annoyed, that I put everything else back that I had planned on buying, and left the store. Thanksgiving has already been pushed aside, and now I guess they plan on pushing winter and Christmas out of the way also. I don't know why I was so annoyed by it, but my blood was boiling. It completely took the FESTIVE look right out of the store.
I am hoping that I will find some cute ones next weekend when we head North.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We picked the perfect weekend to head North. For a few hours on saturday it just snowed and snowed and snowed. Just look at my girls faces, I absolutly loved watching them play. They were in heaven, until their hands got too cold, then it was down hill quickly. They had a blast in the first real snow storm of the season. I LOVED IT!!! (and will miss it once I head back to sunny St. George.)Mike and Janille, isn't it pretty????????

3-2-1- BLAST OFF!!!

In order to get a REAL ASTRONAUT suit, you must have the coolest grandpa in the world. Lucky for my girls, they do. Avery has wanted to be an Astronaut since she was a year old. She LOVES space and everything to do with it. She has to watch the Space shuttles launce off, she reads her space book quite often, and can point out constelations in the sky. This is something that her grandpa Olson also enjoys, so they spend alot of time talking about space. We have even made our own space shuttle to launch off, hopefully soon. She was very surprised this weekend when grandpa pulled out the best thing ever. A real astronaut suit, with the real patches and everything. It is the cutest thing, and Avery did not want to take it off. She played space the whole time she had it on. She even corrected me on some PLANET FACTS, when I tried to play with her. When I asked her if she still wanted to be a astronaut when she grew up, she said, "yes, but I am not going too, you will miss me too much." She is so sweet. It was a little big on Adi, but so so cute. She was a little unsure of being in the suit, so she did not pose well for pictures.


My little sister Cassidy is only 10, so ofcourse my girls think she is the COOLEST person alive, not to mention she has all the cool toys. Avery and Cassidy even fight like sisters, probably because they are only 5 years apart. While we were in Spanish Fork for the weekend, we were able to spend time with my step-mom and two sisters. Cassidy played so well with Avery and Adison. They played games, watched Annie, and did MAKE-OVERS!!! Aren't they the prettiest little girls ever? We just need Gracie Anne to make the picture complete! (and Danielle, but she is too old and too cool for make-over.) They had so much fun. Thanks Cass for being such a cool aunt.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Someone please take our scissors away!!

So it was about this time last year that Avery Lynne gave herself a beautiful (WT) mullett. It was bad. Well, guess who cut their hair today? Little miss Adison Anne. She was cutting with her KID scissors when I hear,"Guess what mommy, I just cut my hair". I just said, "No you didn't Adison". I mean we go over the rules everytime we use scissors. We only cut paper that mommy gives you and we NEVER cut our clothes or HAIR. You would think a 2 1/2 year old would grasp that concept. Apparently not. She walked over with a chunk of hair and I was devistated. I didn't want to look. It really is not that bad. It luckly blends in. It doesn't really show up in pictures. Hence, the reason there are no pictures of it. Next fall the scissors will be locked up.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Help, PLEASE!!!

I need some advice. Avery was such and easy kid. No blankie, No bink-bonk (pacifier), slept great, weaned her from the bottle very easily, and potty trained very easily. All around an easy kid. Fast forward to Adison. She is very easy also, but had a bink-bonk until a month ago, still has a blankie, and is having a hard time potty training. I am a firm believer that they will do it when they are ready. It is just too frustrating when you make them. Well, Adi is ready. She gets so excited to wear big girl underwear. Here is the problem, she will not go on a little potty, so I got her a toilet seat that goes over the regular toilet. She will finally sit on it, but refuses to go. I think the problem is that a few monthes ago she fell in and scratched her back. Well, she insists on wearing "Big Girl" underwear everyday. She just "HOLDS" it all day long. She has been in underwear since 8:30 a.m. and is still dry. Has not had an accident or gone on the toilet, and it is almost 4:00 p.m. I know she has to go, so I will be putting a diaper on her soon. Any suggestions on how to get her to GO????!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanks A lot mom!!!

I usually only drink water. It is very rare that I drink pop. Well, when my mom was here, there were two things that we always had to have stocked in the house. Popcorn and Diet Coke. Thanks a lot mom, guess what still is stocked in the house now that you are no longer here? POPCORN AND DIET COKE!!! I won't lie, popcorn has always been a staple, but never Diet Coke. I have a glass a day. NOT GOOD!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Friday night we went to our Ward chili dinner and Trunk-or-Treat. It was a lot of fun. I didn't get any good pictures though. Adi was in a very bad mood. She fell asleep on the floor at home right before we left. I was so upset she did, because I had just curled her hair and it was so cute. I had to wake her to put her in her costume, and she was very angry with me, and it carried over to the party. Avery had a lot of fun. The girls stocked up on candy there also. It was fun getting to know members of our ward, since we are so new.

Where did our BLACK KITTY go?

Since August, Avery has had her mind set on being a fairy for Halloween and Adison was going to be a BLACK KITTY!!! Avery was so excited when her cousins Madi and Maleea decided to be fairies too. We have been working on and adding to their costumes for a few weeks. Janille would grab things as she saw them and I would do the same. We originally were going to be in Spanish Fork for Halloween, so I didn't think that Adi would care being different from the rest of the girls. Well, she did. She was a black cat last week for a party, but since we decided to stay in St. George for Halloween, we switched her to a fairy also. Ofcourse we had to get pictures, and thanks to Janille for taking them. Aren't they the cutest fairies ever???? (I do miss seeing little Adi as a black cat though. She is just getting too big.)


Ridiculous is the only word to describe the amount of candy the girls got this year trick-or-treating. They had lots of fun though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The GREAT Pumpkins!!!

We had such a fun night last night. The girls have been a little under the weather and cooped up in the house. They were getting a little restless. (And Ty and I were going crazy also.) So what better way to get their energy out, without taking them out to get others sick? Plan a fun night IN THE HOUSE. First we had pizza, should have taken a picture. Then we carved our pumpkins, and Avery had been coming up with ideas for hers all day long. They were so cute while carving them. Avery really got into it. Adison had fun, but if you look close in one of the pictures, she is wiping her mouth off on her shirt, because she was spitting after gagging, AFTER touching the inside of the pumpkin. So funny. They did such a great job on them. Tyler is such a PRO at carving. After we were done carving, we roasted our pumpkin seeds, Averys idea. They turned out OK. Then we settled with our pillows and blankets and watched, It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. While watching that we had HALLOWEEN Cinnamon rolls. We had such a fun night, being with each other. And did I mention it was cold outside. Call me crazy, but I LOVED IT!!!