Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun with Cousins!

Wride Halloween Party

Every Halloween, Tylers grandparents have a Halloween party at their house. It is so much fun. Everyone dresses up, they have games, and yummy soup. Avery has been talking about this party for weeks. Ofcourse, of all days, Avery woke up pretty sick, so did Adi. They were throwing up. It was a terrible day. Avery was crying when she saw that the party had started. They were both feeling better, and since it was outside, I dressed them up and took them down for a little while. They did great. It was a fun night. They are such a fun family.
PLEASE, i am begging all of you to ignore what I look like in the family picture. I had been up since 1:30 a.m. with Avery.


Yes I clean my house, and yes I dust my house on a regular basis, but it still seems dusty all the time. Anyways, I was sitting on the couch the other morning with Avery, and the sun was shining through the blinds, and she could see the little dust particles (is that what I call them?) floating through the air, and she said, in a very excited voice, "Look mom, there are SUN SPITICLES in the air." It was just so sweet, because that is a word that she thought of on her own. If I ask her to tell anyone what she saw, she gets so shy. Her little mind is always working. I love her so much.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Monday, Avery had her first field trip with her preschool class. I was lucky enough to go with her. We went to Orem to a patch called the Vineyard(I think). It was so much fun. They had a corn maze, playground, petting zoo (kind of) and a area that had little play houses in it. She had a blast.
Last Friday, Tyler and I took the girls to the Red Barn pumpkin patch. We go every year. It is so much fun. They take you on a hay ride to the big patch. The girls have so much fun picking out the perfect pumpkin. After we find our pumpkin, we get to pick out a treat in the barn. The middle of October at a pumpkin patch and they all pick ICECREAM. Really??? I got a warm apple cider doughnut. So YUMMY. Ofcourse we had to buy a gallon of cider to take home. The girls love it. I think my favorite part of the little trip, besides watching my girls have so much fun on the hayride and running through the patch, is the fun little shop they have in the barn with all the cute crafts. I love this time of year.
Sorry, I forgot my camera when Tyler and I took them to the patch, so there are no pictures of Adison. Sorry mom and Heather!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The MULLETT of the year AWARD goes to...

None other than miss Avery. Have any of you seen CMT's My Big Redneck Wedding? Well, Tyler and I watch it all the time, and on almost every episode, they give an award for the best Mullett. Averys got them all beat. Lets just say that scissors are now banned from our house, well atleast from little hands. Avery decided to chop her own hair yesterday, because "it was in her eyes." I was so sad, because she had such pretty hair. It will grow back right? I was even more sad to see two chunks taken out of Adis curls as well. Atleast I had a few hours to calm down and think about the whole situation. Tyler was home with them at the time. He called my sister first to see if she would call and tell me. He was scared to. Am I really that mean? Anyways, we had to go get it fixed, and the girl who cut it did a great job for what she had to work with, but it is really not that cute. OH WEll!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

WHAT DID YOU DO???????????

"What id you do" was my first reaction to this little mess they had caused. I do supervise my kids, especially with markers. We were all sitting in the next room talking when all this had happened. Believe me, it was not just Adi. Avery did say "Mom, I didn't do anything. Adi drew all over herself." Right Ave, if that is the case, I have a very flexible little girl. All over her back and diaper. I was not happy, they both got a spank on the bum. (Not hard, I promise, they laugh at me when I spank, which makes me even more angry, so it is just a waste of my time.)I am glad though that everyone else thought it was funny enough to take pictures, because I can laugh now. They are just handfuls.
Just one more story to show you what a handful they are. I know you are all thinking, they are just normal kids. Anyways, last week I was doing the dinner dishes. Keep in mind, I usually have to stop after each dish to see what is going on in the other room. This time though, they were laughing and having fun, so I kept on doing the dishs. Well, I went in there to find thee biggest mess. Somehow, Avery got the package of goldfish crackers down without me seeing, and had proceded to shake the bag through the entire room, and they stomped on the crackers. Oh, I was so angry, and I even get angry thinking about it now.the crackers were so smashed into the carpet, I had to vacuum the whole room by hand. While I was vacuuming they kept jumping off the couch to stomp on the crackers that were not yet vacuumed. Yes they laughed the whole time and yes they KNOW BETTER!!!! I was too angry to take a picture, but I really wish I had proof that it was really as bad as I am making it out to be. Needless to say, they were in bet extremely early that night. Even when they are naughty, and do things that make me so angry, I would not trade my kids for anything. They are my world, and I love being their mom.

An Apple a Day

I know I have talked about the amount of apples my in-laws have on their tree in the back yard, but I don't think you could possibly understand the amount out there, unless ofcourse you have seen it first hand. It is just amazing. The kids love it. If you go back there, you will see several half eaten apples. We have found lots of fun things to do with all the yummy apples.

a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_A--iS0i0Gc4/SPOYTrCeHoI/AAAAAAAAAbw/OhEfbVn674o/s1600-h/apples+and+blue+markers+003.jpg">

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh, how I love Fall

This is by far my FAVORITE time of year. I would take this weather year round, and with the threat of snow for tomorrow, we decided to take advantage of the nice Fall weather today. My sister-in-law Kristen and I made Yummy caramel apples. We changed a somewhat healthy treat in to a not so healthy treat, by adding things like peanuts,butterfinger,snickers,heath bar,and reeses peanut butter cups, and then drizzled them with chocolate to top it off. They were so good. It was a lot of fun to make them, even with three crying kids at our feet. Grandma and grandpa Wride stopped by just in time to try a yummy apple. I highly recommend this treat to everyone. Oh, and thanks to Tylers parents for all the apples. They have a very large amount of apples on their tree this year. They have been begging people to come pick apples. So good.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Birthday Boy!!!!

Happy 28th Birthday to my Cute, Funny, Sweet husband. I don't think Tyler has ever had his own post, but he sure deserves it. I love him so much. Here are a few things I absolutely love about Tyler.
-He is such a wonderful Husband.
-He is an excellent Daddy and loves his girls so much.
-Even though it takes up a lot of his time, I love that he loves
sports and that he shares that love with his girls.
-I love that his family comes first.
-I love that he sings so loud in the shower, you can hear it through
whole house.
-I love that he thinks of special things to do together as a family,
like our movie night.
-I love that he works hard to provide for our family.
-I am so lucky that he understands the fact that I miss my family so
much and hate living so far away. He makes sure I am able to visit
Michigan as much as possible.
-I love the little notes he leaves me and the messages he sends me
throughout the day, even if they are written on the mirror with my
-I love how important the church is to him and that he is sharing that
love with his daughters.
-I love that even when things are stressful, hectic, and extremely hard
he makes it better and takes the worry away.
-I love that his parents and siblings mean the world to him. I saw that
even more last week when his sister left on her mission and the worry
he has for her, and I see that about 20 times a day as he talks to his
brother Mike, and I see that when he says we should watch Luke for
Kristen so she can rest. His family is so important to him. I think I
tell him on a daily basis that I wish the oppurtunity would arise for
us to move to Michigan, but I know how hard it would be for him to
live so far from his family.

I hope you have a great birthday Tyler. You are so important to Avery, Adison, and I. I just want to share this one random story about Tyler. When I need a good laugh I think of this and only wish I had been there to see it. We were in Michigan in July, and Tyler was outside playing Volleyball with my brothers, dad, and brother-in-law. It was starting to get dark and was getting ready to storm pretty bad. It was thundering and lightening out,but they continued to play. Across the field and on the other side of the woods, lightening struck. My dad said it was so close and was very bright. They all said it was extremely loud, and at that instant Tyler dropped to the ground not knowing what was going on. They were all laughing so hard. I don't think Tyler is used to the kind of storms we have in Michigan. We get excited for tornados in Michigan. Anyways, just a little story that makes me laugh.
Love you Sweetie.
The Picture is of Tyler and his brother Mike when they were little.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Avery!!!!!!!

"Why do our BABIES have to grow up?" Is anyone else with me on that? I can't believe Avery is 4 yrs old already. I told her the other day that she will always be my baby, and I got a mean look followed by the comment "Mom, would you stop saying that, I am 4 now, not 3, I am not a baby anymore." Someday she will understand. We had a fun weekend. My aunt, uncle , and cousins were in town this weekend from Idaho, so we were able to see them on Friday night. Then Saturday, which was Averys birthday, I took the girls to see my aunt and uncle in their hotel, and we went swimming. That night we went to Tylers parents and had dinner and cupcakes, this was after she opened her presents from mom and dad. Sunday I had a birthday dinner for Tyler and Avery together. They each had their own cake. It was a lot of fun. Tylers birthday is Tuesday and for once he will get his own post. For weeks Avery had to have BARBIE cake, which she got, and was a very easy cake to make, or should have been. I made it Sunday morning, and had to double the recipe. Well, after it was in the oven, I realized I doubled everything except the water. It was good anyways. I had so many plans for this cake and went to get all the decorations out of the grocery bag that I had bought the night before. Does the cake look a little bare to anyone? The bag of decorations must still be at the store. I was not happy. Oh well, she was happy. We love you so much Avery Lynne. In honor of your special day, here are a few wonderful things about her:
- She is so smart, she writes and spells her name, along with Adison, mom, and dad.
- She can name and draw all of her shapes.
- She knows all colors.
- She can say her Pledge of Allegiance.
- She can sing the National Anthem.
- She can count to 30 and farther.
- She can count to 10 in Spanish.
- She can count to 5 in French and is on her way to 10.
- She loves all treats.
- She loves School.
- She loves white spaghetti with brocolli. (Alfredo)
- She reminds us every Friday that it is movie night.

She is so Special to her family. We love you more than anything Avery Lynne.