Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!!

My sister-in-law Janille tagged me. I guess you all get to read some non-interesting things about me.

- What was I doing 10 yrs. ago?
10 yrs. ago, I was still living in Michigan and going to college. I was working at Old Navy. It was not a great job at all. The discounts were not worth it. My free time was spent drooling over the farm boys across the street with my sister Heather and cousin Jess, and cruising Caros Main street with Heather and Jess with the windows down and music loud. Only Heather and Jess will understand the fun we had in that. Wow have I grown up.

-5 Things on my to do list?
1. Pick my girls up.
2. Decide what is for dinner.
3. Go for a bike ride if it decides not to snow anymore. Really, is Spring coming?
4.Clean up dinner, give baths and play with my girls before bedtime.
5. Snuggle up with my cute husband to watch the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice.
6. Can I have a # 6? PAY MY GAS BILL!!!! I am ready for warm weather.

-What snacks do I enjoy?
It depends on my mood. I love chocolate, it is amazing that my family has not touched the Easter candy since sunday. I love salad with BBQ chicken on it. Oranges, grapes, and grapefruit are tops on my list. If I had been asked a year and a half ago, it would have been icecream. Growing up, I loved icecream, and I still do, but since I have had Adison I do not crave it at all.

-What would I do if I was suddenly a Billionaire?
I would be happy with $5,000. I would buy a house, a new car, and pay off any debt. I would go on a great vacation with my husband and then a great vacation with my kids. I would have a vacation house in Michigan so I am not always bombarding my family. The rest I would put in accounts for my kids, so that I know that they would always be taken care of. I personally would never want that much money, it makes you so greedy, from what I have seen. That would be an awesome savings account though wouldn't it?

-5 places I have lived?
1. Saginaw, Michigan
2. Millington, Michigan
3. Caro, Michigan
4. Baycity, Michigan
5. Provo, Utah
6. Benjamin, Utah

-5 things people don't know about me
1. I can't go to sleep at night unless the door is locked and my girls are on their pillows covered up. (Even though they will move through the night.) I will lay in bed and try to talk myself into not getting up to double check things, but I always do.
2. Not to be gross, but growing up, I used to get the worst nose bleeds, and I would have to go to the Dr.s to have him stop them.
3. I love weather. I am facinated by it. I love the weather channel. I have to watch the news atleast once a day to check the weather, and the more storms the better. We have tornados in Michigan and I love them, I actually miss them. Then again they were not Wizard of Oz type tornados. Just big enough to throw around trampolines, flip a few cars, and knock down and occasional house. We used to stand outside until the last second and then head to the basement.
4.I hate to get things on my hands. I wash them constantly.
5.I miss my Michigan family tremendously, and I sometimes secretly hope the oppurtunity would arise for us to move back. Nobody worry, the economy sucks in Michigan. There are no jobs there. I could not talk Tyler into moving to Michigan anyways, I can't even talk him into moving to St. George for a few years to finish school. Wait does this fact about me surprise anybody? I think everybody knows I miss Michigan.
6. I am adding an extra since my #5 fact was not new info to anybody. I love love love the fall and everything that comes with is. I love to decorate for the season and the holidays that immediately follow. I love decorating in general.

-3 bad habits
1. Biting my nails
2. Losing my patience with my kids to quickly. (I am trying to be more patient.)
3. I am a huge procrastinator. I put things off way too long.

I tag Heather, Tirzah(now that you have a blog), and Kristen (since she has not responded to Janilles Tag yet.)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Too!

More pictures of the Easter party. The grandkids always wear matching shirts and so do all of the sister-in-laws. It makes for some fun pictures. The Easter bunny spoiled my kids this year. Avery got a new BIG GIRL bike and Adison got a baby stroller that is broken and has to be returned to Walmart. Darn that Easter Bunny. I video taped them on Easter, so I do not have any pictures of their presents, (I will post soon), or a picture of Adison with so many jellybeans in her mouth she could not close her mouth. So funny. The big Easter Party with Tylers family was on Saturday, so Sunday we had a Easter egg hunt with Tylers mom and Madi and Maleea. Then we went to Kathys (My step-mom) for dinner to celebrate my little sister Cassidys birthday. She is 9 already. It was a really fun day.

P.S. Everybody please look for the picture of my hot sexy husband, doing what he does best, goofing around.


Here are a few pictures of our Easter party with Tylers extended family in Ephraim. We had such a fun time with a big dinner and a Easter Egg hunt for the kids. We usually hunt for our Easter baskets on the farm, but since there was snow on the ground still, we just stayed inside. Avery had so much fun with her cousins.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Sweet Adison!!!

Last Wednesday my sweet baby had tubes put in her ears after 3 monthes of constant ear infections. She is doing so good, and was such a trooper through the whole thing. She looked so cute in her little purple hospital gown with her back hanging out. Well, I feel so bad for her. She has still been fussy, in a different way, so we have blamed it on one of her front teeth coming in. It has been trying since Christmas to work its way through. Anyways, the other day I saw something in her mouth and I pinned her down and started digging through her mouth. Much to my surprise the thing(s) in her mouth were 3 molars that have come in that we had no idea about. Those are painful for a baby. Anyways, other than that, she is doing so good. She is still growing, kind of. She is such a tiny little thing. She is so tiny that I forget how old she is and she does things that just surprise me, to be honest sometimes it makes me sad to see her growing so fast and to be doing all of these BIG kid things. Here are some fun facts about my Adison Anne:

1. She has been walking since Christmas.
2. She loves her blankie and her bink bink. If you ask her where they are, she will take me right to where she left them.
3. She loves to follow her big sister around.
4. Besides the words hi and more, her favorite word is mine. It is so funny to watch Avery and Adi play together. If Avery does not want to share a toy, Adison will get upset and grab the closest toy in site, look at Avery and yell MINE. We are working on sharing.
5. She loves her baby dolls. She rocks them, feeds them, and pushes them in the stroller.
6. She is scared to death of her baby backpack. (The pretend one that I put her babies in and put on her. She hates it.)
7. She squeels in a highpitch squeel everytime she gets to play outside.
8. She loves bananas, applesauce, oranges, fruitsnacks, cheese, popsickles, soup, and any treat that is in site.
9. She loves talking on the phone.
10. Most of all, she loves her mommy, daddy, and big sister Avery.

She is such a happy little girl. We love her so much.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mt. Dew!!

Tyler was reading our blog, which does not happen all that often. He was reading the post about Averys favorites. He was wondering why I did not list Mt. Dew as one of her favorites. It is bad enough that Tyler drinks it, but now he SNEAKS Avery drinks. As I tell Avery, "It is very yucky for your body, it will not help you grow, so tell daddy it is NAUGHTY". Well, when I hear Avery telling her dad it is yucky and naughty, I know I will look into find her drinking it without me knowing. So chalk Mt. Dew up on the list of Averys favorites. (when she is with her daddy only.)