Monday, August 11, 2008

We got an SV!!!!!!

Well, I guess you could say we "TOOK the PLUNGE." Does anyone remember those days where you would say, "I will have this kind of house and only drive this kind of car?" Oh, was that just me? Well, those thoughts quickly get thrown out the window and reality sets in. Last Friday, we bought a minivan. Tyler calls it a SV for Sweet Van. We love it. Yes I said I would never drive a minivan, but I absolutely love it. It has so much room. We looked around all day on Friday and were ready to leave when we were shown this van. We both knew it was for us. It is the color I wanted and has everything that I would want in a van. The girls favorite part is the DVD player.
Anyways, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new MINIvan. If any guys our there are worried about driving one, don't. Tyler informed me that if you find the right one, it won't strip your MANHOOD. His is still intact. He said he was driving home yesterday and pulled up to a van, which also had carseats in it, with the dad driving. They both looked at each other and as Ty Puts it, "Gave each other the nod of minivan respect."

P.S. Pictures to come soon. Mainly for my sister who is asking.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wait, What about me MOM????

So nobody can argue the fact that I have the cutest 3 year old ever, well I guess you can, but I think I have the cutest 3 year old ever.
Avery loves to look at blog pages, mostly her cousins Madi, Maleea, Luke and Gracies. (She is wondering why there are no new pictures of Gracie lately.) Anyways, we always look at ours first. The other day Avery saw the newest blog about Adison. The first thing she said was "Wait, What about me mom?" I tried to explain the whole update because Adi had had a check-up. Basically, her understanding about it was WHO CARES, you still FORGOT me!!! So here is a little update on Avery, a bigger one to come in about 7 wks. when she turns 4.
-She is such a big helper.
-She loves her sister and tries to help her so much, but Adi is just too darn independent for any help.
-She can count to 30.
-She can spell Avery, Adison, mom, and dad.
-She can write Avery, Adison, mom, and dad.
-She can draw most of her shapes.
-She can count to 10 in Spanish.
-She knows all colors.
-She loves space.
-She loves to sing, and I love to listen to her.
-She loves to draw pictures of her family.
I love you so so much Avery Lynne. I am so excited that you get to go to preschool in a few weeks.

This post is for all who wants to read it, but mostly so that Avery knows that she is so special and that I would never EVER forget her.
One more thing. Yesterday, was her last day of gymnastics. She is the only girl in her class, and I was video taping her. I heard her teacher say,"Avery, go sit down." Avery did not sit down, and she was quietly talking to her teacher. I then heard her teacher say "You can still sit by a boy, even if boys can't be your friends." Apparently, Avery can only have GIRL friends. No boys allowed yet.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adi Anne is getting so BIG!!!!!

Our sweet littel Adi Anne turned 18 months old last week and yesterday we had her 18 month check. She is doing so good. She is such a tiny little thing though. She weighed maybe 20 lbs. She was moving around so much the scale kept changing. She is 30 in. She is growing, but still so little. Here are a few fun facts about our Adi Anne.
- She can say mommy, daddy, baby, grandpa, please, Avery, hi, bye, more, MINE, drink, and a few others.
- She loves her dolls and carries them around everywhere. She rocks them, feeds them and pushes them in a stroller.
- She loves to eat and will try anything.
- She drinks all the time.
- She LOVES baths and to swim.
- She is a terrible flyer, as we just found out last month.
- Favorite foods include: Cheese, grapes, watermelon, broccoli, pasta, and any sweets she can find.

She is doing so much and we just love having her in our family. Even though she is becoming a sassy little thing that throws WONDERFUL tantrums, we love her and would not change a thing.