Sunday, February 28, 2010

My short lived EXCITEMENT!!!

The topic of having ANOTHER BABY is very comical. Tyler wants nothing to do with talking about it. I often bring the topic up just to get him going. We both want another baby, but know that it is not quite the right time yet, even though I am so ready. Come on, I am not getting any younger, and my baby is 3.
Well, I got very excited in church today, when Tyler leaned over and said, "We can have another baby." I was shocked. A few seconds later he leaned over and said "We can have another baby, but the deal is, whatever the babies weight is, I get that size TV. So if the baby is 8 lbs. O oz, I get and 80 in. TV."
Now you can see why my excitement was short lived. Good thing our last baby was only 5 lbs. 15 oz. That is still a pretty big TV.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meeting a legend

Tyler LOVES all of the fighting shows. Whatever they are called. They are gross to me. Anyways, last night we went to the JAZZ/LAKERS game. It was so much fun, and thanks to my brother in law, we had great seats. More pictures of the game to come.
Last night Tylers favorite fighter was at the game. MATT HUGHES. Ty was lucky enough to have his picture taken with him. It was the best part of the night for him. He loved the game too, but the JAZZ unfortunately lost.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another year older

Our beautiful baby girl turned 3 on Saturday. Adison is such a sweet little girl. She is still such a baby to me, and will quickly remind me that she is NOT A BABY, I'M A BIG GIRL!!!!! She is such a good little sister and likes nothing more than playing with her big sister. She does everything Avery does. She is such a easy little girl and such a blessing to our family. Here is some info on our PRINCESS.

-peanutbutter (and her reply is "and JELLY"

Some fun info:
-she weighes 24 lbs.
-she still wears 18-24 mos clothes, but is getting closer to a 2T.
-she LOVES her babies
-Playing with her sister
-Dora and Tinkerbell
-KID shows
-riding her bike
-making cookies with mom
-she can count to 10
-she can say her ABC's

Happy Birthday BIG girl. We love you more than anything.