Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Sydney Reed

My last blog post was announcing her birth. Time flies. Our little Syder bug is a year old. She is growing like a weed and so much fun. She is loved so much by everyone in our family, especially her very helpful older sisters. She was a huge surprise to our family, but has been a huge blessing to us. She has such a fun sweet personality. She sits at my feet ALL DAY LONG, which I love, but it can be exhausting at the same time.

Here is what Sydney has been up to:

- Growing like a weed. She now weighs 21.4 lbs. and is 28 3/4 in. She's our Chunky Monkey.
- wearing 12 mos. clothes, some 18 mos.
- crawling faster than we can catch her.
- Has mastered the stairs and gets angry when I put the gate up and she knows her sisters are up there.
- Is a HUGE mommys girl.
- Says mom, daddy, Avery, Adi, bye, hi, no no, thank you.
- She has a set of lungs on her.
- Is a binky and blankie baby and I LOVE IT!!!
- She is starting to take a few steps here and there and giggles while doing it.
- She sneaks treats from her sisters whenever possible. Newest fave, popsicles.
- Cutest little dancer ever.
- Her big sister can get her to laugh at anything.
- Her two favorite people are Avery and Adison. She lights up and giggles when they walk in the door from school.

I love this angel girl to pieces. So happy she surprised us by joining our family.

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